RR-Wobbler is a one man company located in Tampere Finland. The wobbler I make is based on over 25 years of salmon and seatrout fishing experience in all methods of sportfishing. By using my experience I have created salmon and seatrout wobblers that I believe suit the type of fishing the best. For starters it was just for my own needs but now I make them as my part time job. I have produced wobblers with the name RR from the beginning of this century.


Finland is most likely the world leader when it comes to making wobblers. Competition is tough and you can find all kinds of self made wobblers from the market. There must be hundreds or even thousands of salmon wobbler producers in Finland. Salmon wobblers are made from wood, plastic, urethane and most likely from some other materials too. In addition there are salmon fishing targetted plastic wobblers in the market imported from China.


In my mind a salmon wobbler has a soul. And following tradition that soul is wood. When you are by the river time stops and your mind is resting. Choosing the wobbler with all the "salmon romance" around might take hours. Wouldn't the king of fishes deserve a wooden wobbler hand made with care? Not a plastic Chinese wobbler pressed from plastic.


There are many ways to build a salmon wobbler. Many Finnish producers aim for high production volume. In this case you need to make compromises and especially the durability of the wobbler suffers. I have consciously chosen another path. I use tougher coatings and glues knowing it will reduce my volume of production. I aim for durability in every step of the production. Water resistance is also a part of durability. I add a drop of varnish to all loops of the wobbler before it's shipped to a customer. My idea is that when you buy a hand made salmon wobbler it should be able to land you as mutch salmon as possible and still have it's paint on and strings in place. I tune all my wobblers to have a "seeking" action. The kind that I would put in the end of my own line. I want you to get a wobbler you are satisfied with and a wobbler you trust.

Tight lines.

Lasse Pauhe



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