How to order

How to Order?

Buying from our online store is easy and fast. When you find the product you want to buy, just click on the "ADD TO BASKET" button and the product will move to the shopping cart. You can see the contents of the shopping cart at the top right of the page "DISPLAY BASKET". To continue searching for products, press the button "CONTINUE SHOPPING" and add them to the basket whenever you like.

1. Ordering

To buy the products in the basket, press the "CHECK OUT" button to go to the basket and order form. First, check the contents of your Shopping Basket. You can also change product volumes or remove products from the basket. 

The country from which you are buying the products determines the currency and product price. If the currency displayed on the shopping cart is incorrect, change it by clicking the flag on the left side of the page.

Orders from Norway and Sweden must be done with the countries own currency. Otherwise the order might be rejected. The prices in the webshop allways include vat. If you are buying from Norway you don`t need to pay the vat and it will be counted off in the final steps of the order process. The price you pay per wobbler is aprox 234 Nok.

2. Details of the payer

You can then provide the order details of the payer and, if necessary, the recipient's information if the order is received by another person. Be sure to provide a working email address and phone number.

3. Delivery and payment method

The only delivery option is a letter. The delivery is free for you. Choose the desired payment method. Check the order and click on the "BUY NOW" button. Additional fee for method Paypal is 2 euros per order.

 4. Submit the order

Pay for your purchase with the payment method you choose.

At this point, you will receive confirmation of your subscription to your email and a link from which you can track your order progress.

Order has been successfully received!

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